This particular page layout with divs not tables

I know that using tables is bad for layout except for tabular data, but I had no other options than using tables for this particular page (see screenshot) layout. Also, I am new to web designing, s... Read more

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How can I stop the Autoplay in this Embed code?

Hello, I am English and live since 1980 in Germany so please excuse my grammar. I have made an Embed code using my "MAGIX Fotos auf DVD 11 Deluxe Sonder-Edition" software. The Video plays ... Read more

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Does alpha matte version of a clip allows to change the pattern

I'm a beginner in this field and I have to buy this [clip][1] from shutter-stock. This clip comes with some pre-rendered patterns and has an alpha-matte version. My question is : I want t... Read more

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Border-radius on background-image

Hi guys, Is it possible to add border-radius on background-image? Any ideas? Thanks in advance, Michal Read more

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Navigation Hover Effect with CSS

I'm trying to achieve a hover effect with a background with the menu items, but with the css I have things appear to be out of place. I've tried many different things and still can't figure out how... Read more

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Why is IE8 having so many issues on my website?

Specifically, if you check out this page: It seems like it's just bugging up all over the place... Read more

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IE7 issues

I am working on online shopping website right now , i am facing one IE7 issue it is in main page of navigation sidebar menu by mouse over itis came perfectly in in all browser moreover except in IE... Read more

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What is the difference between HTML and CSS

I know this two programming language are ways to create website. Yet, I'm still confuse with the difference between the two. I would like also to know which is easier to do in creating website? Read more

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How To Slice And Import Photoshop Layouts Into Dreamweaver?

I have been taught that slice the whole design as images and use the images for web page design..... If "ALL" the slices in Photoshop are imported in Dreamweaver as an images(jpeg/png) then the ... Read more

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Ideas on what to do with images on web site (not looking for slideshows).

My client has images of pets on their web site and right now, it is just an image with a 1px black border on it (soooo boring, IMO). I'd like to spruce it up some but not sure what to do with the... Read more

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