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I was wondering whether anyone knows of a free online application where a person can test their knowledge in coding CSS, HTML and photoshop?

Thanks so much.

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w3schools.com has a bunch of quizzes (although not for photoshop).

There are lots of quizzes for photoshop; Google is your friend.

Answered about 8 years ago by Abinadi Ayerdis
  • Thanks for the info. I checked out W3C but they were 'quizzes' with multiple choice as opposed to providing an actual test to make one write code raw. But will keep on looking there. Felicia about 8 years ago
  • You will find that most online tests are in multiple-choice format. It is by far the easiest way to test someone from a development point of view. A simple application can be programmed to check which radio button is checked and whether this is the 'correct' choice, but to check whether blocks of code are 'correct' would take either a human manually reading each individual answer, or some kind of skynet-esque AI :) danwellman about 8 years ago
  • Can I just add that w3schools.com is not and should not ever be a recommendation for anyone to find out anything about web design or development in any shape or format. See w3fools.com for further information :) danwellman over 6 years ago
Ktash 1851

Elance actually has a number of tests for knowledge on a lot of topics. The one downside to this is that test results are used in your profile to show what you know (for hiring purposes). A lot of them are multiple choice as well, but the will really test your knowledge and tell you how you stack up against other people.

Outside of that and those mentioned by @Abinadi Ayerdis, you'll find mostly multiple choice questions. At least ones that are scored. It is difficult, if not impossible, to score tests like that automatically with any sort of accuracy in the categories you're talking.

Answered about 8 years ago by Ktash
  • +1 for Elance. I've taken these tests too and its a big plus to have good test results show up in your profile. It's helped me get several jobs. You can also choose to hide these if you want to. Artistic Abode about 8 years ago
Shruti 0

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Answered over 6 years ago by Shruti